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Welcome to Marian's Adult Programs
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Marian's Adult Programs 
Welcome to Marian's Adult Programs 

Whether you're taking your first college class or finishing your degree after years of working and raising a family, there are many reasons to choose Marian's Adult Programs (MAP).

Here are a few reasons our current students chose MAP:

  1. MAP classes are accelerated, convenient, and flexible.
  3. Marian University is respected by employers. 
  5. My college degree will change my life.  No more paycheck to paycheck.
  7. Marian University is an accredited university recognized for educational excellence.
  9. I am earning more than a diploma.  I will have an education.
  11. As part of a Catholic university, MAP is preparing me academically and ethically.
  13. MAP offers me a well-rounded education and I have the chance to study abroad.
  15. Faculty will know me by name.
  17. With the flexible schedule, I can choose when - and how often - to take classes.
  19. MAP may not be the biggest adult program, but I think it's the best! 

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