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Business Administration
Marian University
Business Administration 
Why Study Business with Marian's Adult Programs?

Earning a business administration degree from Marian University could take your life in a whole new direction.

  • Business and Engineering degrees are in demand
  • Median yearly earnings for college graduates was $60,2016
  • 54 percent of employees intend to hire 2012 college graduates

You set your own pace

Marian's Adult Programs offers courses that are five or eight weeks in length. Most classes meet once or twice a week, in the evening or on Saturday mornings. Best of all, you can balance your course work with other work and family responsibilities, and there are no required study groups. We'll help you successfully complete your degree based on your needs and your schedule.

You can tailor your education

Many jobs in today's market require an understanding of multiple business disciplines. At Marian University, bachelor degree seeking students can choose up to three concentrations to tailor their degree and diversify their knowledge in order to enhance their career path. Concentrations include business technology, entrepreneurship, finance, human resources management, management, and marketing.

You can study abroad

You have the opportunity to study international business first-hand in Grantham, England, through a 10-day intensive course in partnership with the University of Evansville. Live and learn in Harlaxton Manor, an opulent home built in the 1830s, travel to London to meet with business leaders, and enjoy the surrounding countryside during this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

 Harlaxton College Study Abroad Opportunity for 2012