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Marian University
I'm able to work and spend time with my family while earning a quality education.  

There are many accelerated programs to choose from. Why should you pick Marian's Adult Programs at Marian University?

  • You set the pace. We understand that your family and work commitments come first. We also know that you need and want a college degree from an accredited university recognized for educational excellence. That's why we don't mandate your schedule and there are no required study groups.

  • We remove all of the obstacles. Marian's Adult Programs tries to minimize all of the hurdles.

    • Textbooks are mailed to your home.
    • Classes are offered in the evenings and Saturday mornings. Some classes may also be offered on weekday mornings.
    • The majority of our classes meet one night a week for five weeks, allowing you to focus on one subject at a time.
    • Tuition is deferred until after the course ends - a great benefit for those who have employer tuition assistance!
  • You'll get a well-rounded curriculum. We take the holistic approach to individual development. A Marian University education is designed to prepare our graduates to be inquisitive in a broad, multi-dimensional and critical way; ethically informed and holistic in perspective; spiritually mature; and professional and knowledgeable in their field.
  • You'll gain a competitive advantage in the workplace. Employers seek professionals whose critical thinking and thoughtful decision making can be leveraged for organizational leadership. Strongly based with a liberal arts foundation, a Marian University education gives students a competitive advantage in the workplace. Our curriculum benefits from the Catholic intellectual tradition, which emphasizes values and reflection as critical components in the learning process.