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Classroom Technology FAQ
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Classroom Technology FAQ 

“I’m trying to show a DVD or video on the PC in my classroom and it won’t work! Windows Media Player says it’s missing a file/codec.”

With the upgrade to Vista over the summer, it was necessary to provide a different solution to DVD viewing on PCs. Unfortunately these means DVDs will no longer play in Windows Media Player. When you place a DVD in your computer, be sure to click on Play with VLC viewer (or similar language). The VLC viewer is easily identified by the orange “safety cone” icon. This information also applies to your desktop PC (after it has been upgraded to Vista). Need help getting this to work with your particular DVD? Let me know, I can show you how this works.

“The PC in my classroom says it’s locked! Help!”

If you are using Vista, you can click “Switch User” to log in with your own information. As a last resort, you can also press and hold the power button on the computer for 10 seconds to turn off the computer. Press again to restart.

REMEMBER to log off after you are done! Just go to the START menu in the bottom left of your screen, then go over to the bottom right of that screen and click on the small arrow next to the Lock icon. It will then give you the option to log off. 

“The VCR is broken/not in my classroom”

Contact Larry Steeb in duplicating MH. VCRs are being phased out across campus and we strongly recommend you replace your materials with DVDs or other media.  

“I can’t see the movie I’ve put in the stand alone DVD player”

Did you click on Video 1 or Video 2 on the LCD projector remote control? Volume control is also located on this remote.