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Sarah Wallace
Marian University
Sarah Wallace 
Sarah Wallace is a university supervisor for the Master’s Bridge to Teaching program and an instructor in the School of Education.  She has a Masters Degree in Elementary Education, and taught kindergarten through third grade for 36 years in Indianapolis Public Schools before retiring and beginning her work at Marian University.  Sarah is married to Sherman Wallace, who is also a faculty member; he encouraged Sarah to join the School of Education. 

“Being a higher educational professional is something that I am passionate about.  There is such a great need for outstanding elementary educators, and I feel that it is important to prepare young adults to excel as classroom teachers.  Hopefully I can assist in the development of these outstanding teachers.

“My philosophy of teaching is to treat all students with respect and engage them in the learning process.  I believe in teaching the whole child in a safe and caring environment.  I believe that all students have the right to learn and develop skills that will enable them to become successful and productive citizens.

“My advice to beginning teachers is to be well prepared each day to teach your lessons.  Set and follow classroom procedures consistently and fairly.  Show care and concern for your students and treat them with respect.”