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Judy Bardonner
Marian University
Judy Bardonner 

Dr. Judy Bardonner Dr. Judy Bardonner holds a B.S. in English Education from Indiana University, an M.S. in Special Education from Butler University, and a Ph.D. from Indiana University with a major concentration area in Language Education and minor concentration areas in Special Education and Educational Leadership.

Her professional experience includes 18 years of teaching English and special education at the high school and middle school levels. She taught 3 years in the Indianapolis Public School System and 15 years in the Metropolitan School District of Lawrence Township. During her 5 years as a college educator, she has focused on teaching methods courses and directing community learning projects for the Indiana University School of Education and for the Marian University School of Education. Two of the community outreach programs that she has created for Marian University, under the auspices of Project IGNITE, are a tutoring program for a K-16 partnership with local schools and a GED partnership with the Indianapolis Private Industry Council’s YouthBuild Indy program.

Dr. Bardonner’s passion is helping struggling learners learn how to become independent learners. Her research focuses on teacher education, adult literacy, and at-risk learners. She is currently interested in closing the achievement gap by integrating research-based teaching strategies into summer learning programs.

Research informs us that teachers who have a high sense of teaching efficacy have students—including those who are considered at-risk—who achieve at higher levels. Dr. Bardonner believes that all of us have been given gifts that are to be used to help others. She wants to use her gifts to help educators develop a high sense of teaching efficacy—confidence that they know how to teach all learners—especially struggling learners.