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Dr. Lindan Hill
Marian University
Dr. Lindan Hill 

Dr. Lindan Hill is the Dean of the Marian University School of Education. Dr. Hill brings extensive educational and professional backgrounds to this position. His education includes a B.S. in English from Indiana University, an M.S. in Special Education from Purdue University, and a Ph.D. in Special Education and Education Administration from Purdue University. His professional experience as an educator includes 4 years as a Middle School teacher in Miami, Florida and Kokomo, Indiana, 3 years as a High School Principal at Merrillville High School in Merrillville, Indiana, 23 years as Superintendent of Schools, most recently in the Eastern Howard school system, and 5 years as Director of Teacher Education.

Dr. Hill chose a career in education because he wanted “to contribute to improving the teaching and learning process. I had the most wonderful, loving and caring first grade teacher who made a lasting and very positive impact on me as I started out my journey early in life. I want to do the same for others.” Dr. Hill pursued the new Dean of the School of Education position because he appreciated the “quality of program, quality of people and Franciscan Values” that Marian had to offer.

Dr. Hill’s philosophy education reflects both his professional and spiritual commitments: “My philosophy of education is that the teaching and learning process, done properly, is a journey toward God. The teaching and learning process is one of “becoming”, of transformation. It is a journey through which a person becomes someone else tomorrow than they are today. The teaching and learning process is about not just knowledge acquisition, but thoughtful and moral application of that knowledge. If we hold the beliefs that God is omniscient and possesses moral perfection, and if we pursue thoughtful and moral application of knowledge in our journey of the teaching and learning process, then that puts us in journey toward God. Not TO God, because we mortals will never reach parity to God, but it does indeed put us in journey toward God.”