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Chris Grissom
Marian University
Chris Grissom 
Chris Grissom, Ed.D., is a member of the Marian University education faculty. She teaches courses about children with exceptional needs. She has been a full time faculty member at Marian since 1989. Prior to her career at Marian she taught in the Indianapolis Public School system for 16 years. “I taught part time at Marian for ten years while I was teaching in IPS and loved it. When asked to teach full time (for Marian), I was thrilled.”

Professor Grissom’s undergraduate degree is in K-12 special education (MR and ED). Her masters degree is in learning disabilities and school administration. In addition to that training, she took classes in order to earn a reading endorsement and her director of special education license. Her doctorate is in school administration, and curriculum and instruction. She wrote her dissertation on mentoring: “Perceived Effects of a Formal Mentor Program on Undergraduate Students at a Small Liberal Arts College.” Her research gives her special insight on the Project Bridge mentoring process, and on the environment of a small college like Marian.

Professor Grissom’s current area of interest and research is inclusion literature. She has many children’s books which include a character with a disability. She also has a database of titles, and is willing to share with anyone who is interested.

Professor Grissom’s philosophy of education is based in her exceptional needs training, and relates well to the needs of ENL children: “All children can learn when needed adaptations and accommodations are provided. The strengths and affinities of children are more important then their weaknesses. Building on strengths will promote the desire to learn and will help children want to be in school.” Her advice for teacher candidates is to work hard, plan carefully, and make sure to set aside time for yourselves, your friends and your families.