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Dean Peterson
Marian University
Dean Peterson 
Dean Peterson, Ed.M., joined the School of Education in summer 2006 as an instructor and a university supervisor.  Dean has been an educator since 1988, when he began teaching in Togo, West Africa.  He taught at the Orchard School for fourteen years in grades four through eight.  His specializations include literacy and learning support for children with mild learning differences.  In addition to his role in the School of Education, Dean is the Head Coach of the very successful Marian College Cycling Team.  For information about Marian’s cycling program, including featured articles and an “Inside Indiana Business” interview with Dean, visit the web site at

Dean’s interest in the world of higher education is tied to his experience teaching children:  “I believe the future of our world lies in educating the whole child and community. My desire is to help future educators deepen their commitment and expertise to make our world a more equitable, thoughtful and peaceful place.”   Marian College provides Dean with the opportunity to satisfy both his career goals:  preparing future teachers and leading a strong cycling program.  To that he adds, “I feel Marian has very good momentum, and as a life long learner, I feel I have a great deal to learn and hopefully share within this community.”

Dean’s philosophy of education reflects a commitment to holistic teaching, both in terms of a child’s growth and the community’s united effort:  “I believe an exceptional school community is one that is firmly committed to engaging in tough conversations and taking respectful action for all children, faculty, staff and parents so that they feel their individuality and dignity are respected and honored. I believe this alone is a huge task for any community; however, any school willingly and honestly committed to making this their foundation for teaching children is one where safe, deep and rigorous education can occur. I firmly believe this foundation offers a school with dedicated teachers and supportive school leaders the best opportunity to work together to engage and inspire each child to continue to grow intellectually, artistically, socially, emotionally and physically, so they are prepared for a demanding future.”

Dean’s advice to beginning teachers is to “take the time to know children and their families and commit to the social curriculum as deeply as you do the academic.”