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Brett Cope
Marian University
Brett Cope 
Brett Cope, M.A., is the Chair of Exercise and Sport Studies (ESS) in the School of Education and an ESS faculty member.  He spent two years at the IUPUI School of HPERD, teaching classes and working on his Master’s Degree.  He graduated from Indiana University with a B.S. in Health Education in 1982, and again in 1985 with an M.S. in Physical Education.  Before coming to Marian University, Brett spent four years as a teacher of Health and Biology and an athletic trainer at Brownsburg High School.  At Marian, he teaches a variety of ESS classes and supervises teacher candidates working toward Physical Education licensure.  Prior to being named Chair of Exercise and Sport Studies Education in 2006, Brett became a member of the Marian University Athletic Department administration in 1991 as athletic trainer, sports information director and assistant athletic director.

Brett always held working at an institution of higher education as a goal, and particularly enjoyed his days teaching as a graduate assistant at IUPUI.  He took a two year break from his education career before coming to Marian University and found that he missed it very much:  “I knew then I would want to teach students.”  He chose Marian to pursue his higher education career because he liked the small school setting for athletics and teaching:  “You get to know the students and become part of their life.”

Brett’s philosophy of education places teachers in a very prominent role in a student’s life:  “I believe teachers are the second most important people in a young person’s life.  Everyone will name a teacher as a very influential person in their personal growth.  The teacher teaches more than a subject – they teach about life.  Being able to do that is a very rewarding experience.”  His advice for the beginning teacher is to, “Be yourself and have fun with what you are doing.  When you realize you will touch so many lives and make a difference in those lives, it becomes an awesome experience.  But make sure the experience is fun for you and your students.”