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Suspicious Object/Package/Letter
Marian University
Suspicious Object/Package/Letter 

Mail and package delivery to each department should be screened for suspicious letters and/or packages. Common features of threat letters/packages are:

  • No return address
  • Handwritten or poorly typed address
  • Misspelling of common words
  • Restrictive markings such as Confidential, Personal, etc.
  • Excessive weight and/or feel of a powdery or foreign substance

Notification will be delivered by building coordinators, campus voice mail, campus e-mail, and/or text message.

Call campus police 6789. Include the location and appearance of the object when reporting.
Evacuate the area.

DO NOT touch the object.


If you have opened a suspicious letter or package that claims to have contaminated you, but there is no substance visible, chances are you have not been contaminated.

  • Call campus police at 6789 and tell them exactly what you have done and what information was contained in the letter.
  • Do not handle the package or letter anymore and do not let anyone else touch it.

If you have opened a suspicious letter or package and there is a foreign substance:

  • Place the letter back into the envelope/package, close it back up, and place it in a plastic bag and seal it.
  • Immediately wash your hands with soap and water.
  • Call campus police 6789.

If you are covered with a significant amount of the substance, stay put and call campus police 6789.