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General Emergency Procedures
Marian University
General Emergency Procedures 
  • Always assess if anyone is injured and the severity of injuries. Immediately call 6789 or 911.
  • Provide traffic control assistance to enable emergency vehicles to respond.
  • Never speculate about the circumstances of an emergency.
  • Follow directions given by law enforcement or emergency response personnel.
  • Remain calm, keep each other informed as much as possible, reassure others.
  • Do not speak to the media; direct them to campus police or the media relations contact.

Emergency Phone Numbers

Campus police (also fire, EMT, and HazMat) 6789 or 911
Campus Operations (utility failures) 6362 (during normal business hours)

Information Resources

  1. Voicemail (recorded announcement): 317.955.6600
  2. Related web pages:
  3. News and weather information
    National Weather Service
    WISH CBS 8
    WRTV ABC 6
    WTHR NBC 13
    WXIN FOX 59