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Marian University

Notification will be delivered by building fire alarms, text message, and/or building coordinators.

Example Fire Alarm

Pull fire alarm.
Call campus police 6789.
            Evacuate the building, close the doors, and go to the following locations:
If in Allison Mansion, go to the flagpole.
                   All other areas go to the fountain at the center of campus.

Smother or douse a small, minor fire if you feel you can control it without endangering
            others. Call 6789 even if the fire is out.
            If fire is small AND you have extinguisher training, use a portable fire extinguisher to
            put out the fire.
Call 6789 even if the fire is out.
            If you have doubt about the size of the fire or your ability to extinguish it, do not try. Evacuate

DO NOT attempt to extinguish a fire if you doubt the size or your ability.
DO NOT use elevators.