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Position Description
Marian University
Position Description 

The Position

The Resident Assistant is a paraprofessional member of the Student Affairs staff who is trained to function as a peer counselor and resource person to a group of undergraduate residence hall students. Each Resident Assistant lives on a floor or “wing” with 15 to 50 students and is expected to carry out certain administrative and educational functions as outlined below. The Resident Assistant reports directly to the Resident Director of the hall and is accountable to the Assistant Dean for Campus Life.

Minimum Qualifications

  1. Attain sophomore class standing at the time of appointment.
  2. Must be in good social and academic standing at the time of application and appointment. A Fall Semester G.P.A. minimum of 2.30 and a Cumulative G.P.A. minimum of 2.0 must be attained.
  3. Must be a full-time Marian University student.
  4. Must have one semester of live-in experience.

Term of Employment

The position is for the academic school year (9 months) with the opportunity for reappointment.


  • First Year Appointment - Free, single room, free parking pass and $300 per semester.
  • Second and Third Year Appointment - Free, single room, free parking pass and $400 per semester.

Administrative Responsibilities

  1. Management

    1. Check the condition of each room on your floor with residents of the room at the beginning of the academic year and whenever the student leaves the residence hall or room. Complete a current Room Inventory Form for each resident on your wing.
    2. Assume “on call” responsibility on a rotating basis as determined by the Resident Director.
    3. Assist the Resident Director in the opening and closing of the halls before and after vacation periods.
    4. Be available and assist the Resident Director in conducting building evacuation for fire drills and other emergency procedures (i.e. tornado shelter, emergency health procedures, suicide prevention and procedures, etc.).
    5. Assist the Resident Director and/or Assistant Dean for Housing and Residence Life immediately if you become aware of any student(s) who is missing from the hall for forty-eight hours or more.
    6. Make regular health and maintenance inspections in your wing and report damages and maintenance needs promptly to the Resident Director and appropriate maintenance personnel.
    7. Perform other duties as assigned by the Resident Director or Assistant Dean of Housing and Residence Life.

  2. Academic and Educational

    1. Be aware of the academic status of students on your floor and refer those needing assistance.
    2. Encourage student participation in educational, social, and cultural programs on campus and in the community.
    3. Help students develop effective study habits.
    4. Promote educational/social/cultural activities on the floor and among the residence halls.
    5. Involve faculty and administration whenever possible and beneficial in hall and floor activities.

  3. Disciplinary Responsibilities

    1. Accept responsibility for maintaining an orderly environment in the residence hall and the floor to which you are assigned.
    2. Interpret and explain University policies, procedures, and regulations to students.
    3. Serve as an appropriate “role model” for other students (i.e. observe all rules and regulations yourself).
    4. Encourage students to accept responsibility for their own behavior.
    5. Consult regularly with the Assistant Dean for Housing and Residence Life, Resident Director, and other R.A.’s concerning disciplinary procedures and problems in the hall.
    6. Follow appropriate disciplinary procedures in confronting and reporting University and residence hall rule violations.

  4. Counseling

    1. Be available to students in your room and be seen frequently on your floor and in the hall.
    2. Become acquainted with each student on your floor and as many students as possible in the hall; work at building rapport with your students.
    3. Know where to refer students for counseling assistance (on campus and in community).
    4. Recognize your own limitations.

  5. Staff Responsibilities

    1. Keep the Resident Director advised concerning problems and successes you are experiencing on a regular basis.
    2. Observe professional ethics in your relationship with other students and staff (i.e. observe the principles of confidentiality).
    3. Participate in all in-service training sessions and regular weekly staff meetings and training sessions held at the beginning of each semester.
    4. Accept no other employment on or off campus, without approval of your Resident Director.

  6. Community Development

    1. Provide both active and passive programs in the hall that are educational and contribute to the wellness and engagement of the residents.
    2. Be supportive of hall and campus wide programming efforts and events.
    3. Provide creative programs that fulfill diverse needs of all residents in the wing.
    4. Create opportunities for the residents to get to know one another
    5. Create an environment of mutual respect for a diverse community