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Immunization Requirements
Marian University
The health and wellness center was there for me when I got sick. The nurse was very professional and made me feel at ease. 
Immunization Requirements 

The Student Health Record and Immunization Record must be completed and returned to the Marian University Student Health Center prior to registering for classes.  The immunization information will help us verify that students have received the required vaccinations before arriving on campus.

Requirements and Recommendations for Immunizations

Required Immunizations/Screenings

  1. MMR Vaccines
  2. Tetanus-Diptheria or Tdap
  3. Meningitis Vaccine
  4. Varicella Vaccines
  5. Hepatitis B Vaccines
  6. Polio Vaccines
  7. Tuberlocusois Screening required for all international students within four weeks of arrival to the United States and for students with TB symptoms or risks

Recommended Immunizations

  1. Hepatitis A Vaccine
  2. Gardasil Vaccine

The Marian University Student Health Center offers the tuberculin PPD test (Mantoux test);tetanus toxoid, reduced diphtheria toxoid and A-cellular pertussis vaccine (Tdap) and annual influenza vaccinations for a fee. We administer other vaccines for a fee upon request.