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Academic Support Services
Marian University
Everyone on campus is helpful and polite, and the current students make new students feel welcome.  
Academic Support Services  

The Learning and Counseling Center is a resource center for the Marian University community. The staff provides academic support services, personal counseling and consultation to all enrolled students. Consultation and enrichment opportunities are additionally offered to faculty and staff.

Our goal is to support and enrich the personal growth and academic development of our students. Services are provided at no charge.

You might come to the Learning and Counseling Center because...
  • you want a tutor in a difficult course.
  • you're homesick.
  • you're having trouble managing your time.
  • you have a disability and want information about academic accommodations.
  • you've been feeling depressed for quite a while.
  • your grades have taken a nosedive.
  • you can't concentrate in class or when you study.
  • your friends are concerned about your drinking.
  • you're having trouble managing work, school, and family demands.
  • You are interested in finding out about national testing programs.

You might come to the Internships and Career Services offices if...

  • You're not sure what to major in.
  • You've heard it's a good idea to do an internship.
  • You need help with your resume or cover letter.
  • You have questions about what to do after you graduate --graduate school, employment or both.
  • You want to practice your interviewing skills.