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Referral Guidelines
Marian University
Referral Guidelines 

Referral Guidelines/Other Options for Assistance:
Adapted from Pace University

  1. A stated need for help
  2. Changes in mood or behavior
  3. Anxiety or depression
  4. Severe weight loss, bingeing, or purging behaviors
  5. References to suicide
  6. Physical complaints
    Health Services 317.955.6154
  7. Traumatic change in a personal relationship
  8. Drug or alcohol abuse
  9. Career choice problems
    Career Services 317.955.6364
  10. Identity and acculturation issues
  11. Academic problems
    Academic Support 317.955.6150
  12. Disruptive behavior
    Dean of Students 317.955.6318
  13. Immediate dangerousness to self or others
    Campus Police 317.955.6789