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Admission Requirements
Marian University
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Admission Requirements 

High School Students
Transfer Students
Non-Traditional Students

Home school Students
International Students

High School Students

  • Applicants for admission must be high school graduates or on track to graduate with eight credits in composition and literature, two credits in social studies, four credits in mathematics, four credits in science, and two credits in foreign language are recommended.

  • Applicants are evaluated according to curriculum studied, SAT or ACT scores, and recommendations from counselors and teachers.

  • Acceptance to Marian University does not guarantee acceptance into specific programs of study. Some programs, including Nursing and Education, have additional admission requirements.

  • Applicants must have six semesters of high school completed to be eligible to apply.

  • A student may receive credit and/or advanced placement for certain courses by successful performance on College Board Advance Placement Tests, International Baccalaureate (IB) Examinations and/or the College Level Examination Program (CLEP).  Credit and advanced placement are awarded by the specific academic department.  

Transfer Students

It is our goal at Marian University to make your transition from your previous institution to Marian University as smooth as possible.

  • Students will be considered for review to Marian University if they have received a 2.00/4.00 cumulative GPA or higher and earned 12 or more semester hours of credit at their most recent institution and are in "good standing." Nursing requires a 2.80/4.00 cumulative GPA.

  • Students who do not meet the above criteria are welcome to apply and a committee made up of Marian University faculty and staff will evaluate their information on an individual basis. The committee meets every two weeks to review such cases.

Marian University accepts most courses that were taken at a regionally accredited institution. In order for a course to transfer to Marian University, the course must be at the 100 level or higher and a minimum of a C- must have been earned.

Click HERE to find out how courses will transfer to Marian University. Not all institutions and courses have been reviewed. The database is updated daily with new information. This information is a general guide and not a comprehensive list of all transferable courses. Information on this database is not considered official as it changes daily. A thorough, official, evaluation of coursework will be performed by the Registrar’s Office after a student is admitted to Marian University.

Non-Traditional Students

Traditional Undergraduate Program: First-time applicants 23 years of age or older applying to the traditional undergraduate program are required to submit an official copy of their high school transcript. SAT or ACT scores are not required, if older than five years. First-time non-traditional applicants are required to take the pre-admission test before being considered for admission to Marian University.

Adult Program: Marian's Adult Programs (MAP) is an accelerated program for students at least 23 years old and with at least three years of work experience. For more information about Marian's Adult Programs, or to apply for admission, go to

Home School Students

Home-schooled applicants are evaluated on the same basis as applicants attending public or private high schools. High school curriculum, SAT or ACT test scores, and recommendations that can attest to your academic ability will be evaluated.

Marian University reaches out to home-schooled students and their families. To inquire about ways that we can assist you with your home-schooling efforts and developing relationships for future educational needs and opportunities, please contact the Office of Admission.