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Suggestions for Meetings
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Suggestions for Meetings 

Suggestions for Meetings

  • If meeting at your office, consider offering a tour of the facilities or introductions to co-workers.

  • Suggestions for meeting locations include your place of employment, on campus (Knight and Day Café in library, Ruth Lilly Student Center), or at a restaurant or coffee house.

  • If your meeting involves a meal, coffee, etc., “Dutch treat” (each pays for their own) is expected.

  • Offering information about your career history can help put the scholar at ease. You may want to discuss specific skills or post graduate training that have enhanced your career successes. Providing a copy of your resume and/or position description might also be helpful.

  • Connections that can be pointed out between coursework and practical applications are critical. You may want to discuss co-curricular activities and career and other interests in which the scholar is involved to help them assess their motivations and career direction.

  • Try to think of things you wish you had known before graduation, and share this with the scholar in terms of expectations vs. realities.

  • Scholars are not required to turn in a resume to participate in this program; however, you may want to ask them upon initial contact to email you a copy of their resume for your reference.

  • Identifying specific professional organizations that can further the scholar’s career goals, or providing referrals to other appropriate individuals for other career guidance is valuable assistance.

  • Share trade publications or your corporate literature (e.g. company mission statements, policies and objectives, planning documents), which may be valuable to a scholar considering your field.

  • You are not expected to help the scholar find specific employment – however, do share your knowledge of the types of jobs available in your profession, current hiring and industry trends, and procedural information about hiring that is unique to your profession.

  • You may want to leave your business card and encourage further questions after your meeting. Feel free to refer the scholar to others in your personal or professional network that might be interested in helping out.