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Program Objectives
Marian University
Program Objectives 

Purpose of the Program

  • To help scholars find meaningful direction in their lives.
  • To strengthen retention of 21st Century Scholars.
  • To increase the chances of graduation and success after graduation.
  • To further promote our four Franciscan values (Dignity of the Individual, Peace and Justice, Responsible Stewardship, Reconciliation) to help scholars examine their lives.
  • To assist recruitment by offering prospective students more program choices.

Scholar Objectives

  • To learn and understand different career options available.
  • To develop networking and professional skills.
  • To increase knowledge of the relationship between school and work.
  • To boost self confidence.
  • To establish a professional relationship with a successful adult.

Mentor Objectives

  • To make a difference in the life of a 21st Century Scholar by helping them set career goals and start taking steps to realize them.
  • To contribute to a higher rate of graduation for scholars.
  • To help develop future employees for Indiana